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Workers' Compensation

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Pay-As-You-Go Workers' Compensation

Key Benefits

Workers' Compensation e

Payrollup calculates workers compensation premiums, debits the total amount from clients' accounts, then deposits monies collected and files reports, when due, on clients' behalf.

Commonly known as Pay-As-You-Go, this service is available everywhere in the U.S., except the following monopolistic states; OH, ND, NV, WA, WY.

Payrollup makes it easy

We spread out your workers' compensation expenses throughout the year.

Experienced, full-service support

Enjoy access to an experienced staff of insurance professionals who can find you the best coverage and best price.

Remittance of premiums

Insurance carrier gets timely and accurate payment of premiums.

Automatic deductions

Payments are automatically deducted each period from payroll.

Per payroll calculation of premium

Insurance premiums are calculated on actual wages, not estimates, so you avoid unexpected payouts.

Comprehensive reports

A comprehensive Workers’ Compensation report is provided each pay period and provides gross wages, exempt wages and premium totals for each NCCI and employee.

Here's how to get started
  • Set up your PayrollUp account in minutes
  • Add employees and run payroll
  • We’ll handle all the withholding and tax forms
  • Add benefits, workers' comp, and more!

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