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HR Onboarding Software

Electronic onboarding enables new employees to contribute more quickly.

 PayrollUp is cloud based HR software which connects everyone in your company

Key Benefits

Increasing engagement and help your bottom line

Payrollup's Onboarding Software helps you connect with your new hires before they join your organization.

Employee Self-Service

New hires can enter their own information into the onboarding software before their first day.

Compliance Documentation

Federal and State compliance forms, like a W-4, are completed and then reviewed by the administrator electronically.

Company Documents

Upload important company documents and policies, such as an employee handbook or a social media policy, for new employees to review online.

Electronic Acknowledgement

Reduce compliance risks by tracking which new hires have read and acknowledged company information

Download, Save and Print

Administrators and new hires can download, save and print employee documentation once completed within the onboarding software.

Welcome Message

Create a customized welcome message for new hires to ensure a great first impression with your company.

Review, Approve and Integrate

Administrators can review a new hire’s progress and give final approval. Once approved, the new hire’s information integrates with HR and payroll

Free eGuide: The First 90 Days Employee Onboarding Checklist

Employee engagement is an ongoing process that is vital to your organization’s success. But how do you make sure employees are engaged from the beginning during your onboarding process? Download our guide now to find out.

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